Friday, January 27, 2012

House of Dark Shadows poster gallery

House of Dark Shadows was released to theaters during the final days of the television show. As you can see, its advertising campaign was surprisingly ... salacious. The movie was much more violent than its television counterpart (and has since been described as an "American giallo") but still stayed well within the rules of what a PG film allowed at the time. Let's hope the Tim Burton film recycles the tagline from the first poster directly below.

Rumor has it that both House of Dark Shadows and the uncut Night of Dark Shadows are coming to DVD and Bluray later this year. In the meantime, it appears the only place you can currently watch a legal digital version of the film is here at Amazon.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting how much Nancy Barrett's image was used to promote this film. I think it's because she resembles Ytte Stensgaard from Hammer's "Lust for Vampire" from the same release era. I suspect since Dark Shadows wasn't known outside the US very well at that time, Nancy's sexy blonde vampire was deemed a better selling point.

Michael J

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