Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sexy Pirates Podcast Alert!

If you subscribe to The Collinsport Historical Society podcast you already know there's a new episode of Bodice Tipplers available. Feel free to go about your business. For the rest of you, the latest episode (the fifth!) is about the 1977 Fern Michaels novel "Captive Passions." I made the image at the top of this post because I find that kind of shit funny, but it's not far off from the tone of the actual book.

What does this have to do with Dark Shadows? Not a goddamn thing! But my wife is one of the podcast hosts, and I love her and want her to be successful in life. That should be a pretty easy concept to grasp.

You can listen to the "Captive Passions" podcast below. You might want to visit the Bodice Tipplers website first and review their content warnings before diving in. They've also got a cookie recipe and information about their musical guest Futtock Shrouds.

Also: Look for Bodice Tipplers on Twitter and (ugh) Facebook!

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