Monday, December 17, 2018

Podcast Alert: Dark Shadows is a Big Finish Production


On 3rd November, Big Finish Day 2018 was held at Quad in Derby (regular home of The Whoovers, the Derby Doctor Who local group, and of their annual convention Whooverville). From all around the world, fans gathered to meet cast and crew of the audio adventures of shows such as Doctor Who, The Prisoner, Star Cops and, of course, Dark Shadows.

Among their various exploits over the weekend, the Dark Shadows team found time for two meet and greet panels, where the fans and I spoke to producers David Darlington and Joseph Lidster, actor (The Creeping Fog, The Crimson Pearl, Bloodlust, Blood & Fire, Last Orders at the Blue Whale, and Tuesdays and Thursdays) and writer (Old Acquaintance) Matthew Waterhouse and cover designer Alistair McGown. Topics included how to start listening to the audios, cover design, the bite-sized short stories, the Tony and Cassandra Mysteries, Burke Devlin, Victoria Winters, the current state of play with both Bloodline and Windcliff... and whatever the audience wanted to ask about.  And obviously, I took the opportunity to record the chat...

Big Finish Day 2019 will be on 22nd June. No guests announced as yet.

Whooverville XI will be on 31st August 2019 with Paul McGann announced so far.

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Big Finish:, @darkshadowsbfp and @bigfinish
Robert Dick: @RobertDick
David and @deejsaint 
Joseph Lidster: @joelidster
Matthew Waterhouse: @MinettaLane
Alistair McGown: @AMcGown 
The Whoovers: and @Whoovers
The Collinsport Historical Society: @cousinbarnabas

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