Monday, May 7, 2018

Podcast Alert: The Devil and David Darlington

David Darlington
At this point, there are few people who have been contributing to DARK SHADOWS as long as David Darlington. He's been involved with the Big Finish audios since the very beginning of the line, joining the team as part of the technical staff creating the line's sound design before becoming a director and co-producer with Joseph Lidster. In this podcast, CHS international correspondent Robert Dick chats with Darlington about his work, covering topics ranging from how 1960s "Dalek-mania" in the UK paralleled the pop-culture phenomenon of Jonathan Frid, the coup of getting DOCTOR WHO's Matthew Waterhouse to write for the DARK SHADOWS audio line, his work with Audible, and the experimental "Quartet" series of short plays from What Noise? Productions, that involves a lot of the creative talent behind the DARK SHADOWS audios. (Note: The Devil does not actually appear in this episode. I just liked the pulpy alliteration of the episode title.)

You can download the podcast by clicking HERE, or listen to it streaming below.

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