Monday, October 2, 2017

Podcast: Shadow Scribes


Lizzie and Ian.
Lizzie Hopley first stepped into DARK SHADOWS as Ivanka Romano from the gypsy tribe of King Johnny Romano, and became a popular recurring character in Big Finish Productions' audio continuation of the series (even gaining her own Parallel Time counterpart in the 40th-anniversary story "The Crimson Pearl"). Later Lizzie would write two audioplays for the range - "The Carrion Queen" starring Jerry Lacy as Gregory Trask and Lara Parker as Angelique (plus Lizzie as the titular queen) and "A Collinwood Christmas" featuring the return of Ivanka and starring Jamison Selby as Jamison Collins (the character he was named after!).

Ian Farrington, having been the editor behind Big Finish's successful Doctor Who: Short Trips book range, was one of the first people asked to contribute to the new range of bite-sized Dark Shadows short-story audio collections. "The Missing Reel", a Quentin Collins story set in the world of silent movies, was so popular he immediately returned with "On the Line",  a one-woman play for Nancy Barrett, where Carolyn Stoddard takes a telephone call... from Carolyn Stoddard.

They recently joined me in the studio to talk writing (and acting) DARK SHADOWS. As we discuss all their stories, spoilers and plot endings are revealed so be warned...

Ian also fills me in about life in the Big Finish production offices and reviewing popular culture one piece at a time whilst Lizzie talks TV and Triffids and tells me how she juggles writing, acting and performing stand-up comedy.

You can download the podcast by clicking HERE, or listen to it streaming below.

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