Thursday, May 12, 2016

Podcast: The Curse(s) of Scott Haran


Scott Haran joined DARK SHADOWS in 2015 to great acclaim as Harry Cunningham, one of the most normal residents of Collinsport. Over the course of the thirteen-part “Bloodlust” serial, Harry had to deal with the past secrets of both his father Andrew and his step-mother Amy, whilst keeping present secrets of his own. And that’s all before the witch Angelique and a long-standing curse caused trouble for the youngest member of the Cunningham family...

Scott then returned in “The Curse of Shurafa” as Barnabas Collins told Harry about past horrors he, Professor Stokes and Dr Julia Hoffman faced in Egypt.

I caught up with Scott during the recording of Big Finish Productions’ DARK SHADOWS 50th anniversary special, “Blood & Fire.” We look back on the recording of “Bloodlust,” and on Scott’s starring role in the BBC children’s drama series “Wizards v Aliens,” where Scott first met DARK SHADOWS producer Joseph Lidster. And Scott fills me in on which other Collinsport family he’s joining in “Blood & Fire”, and what else he has lined up after he returns to the Big Finish studios to take part in the next DARK SHADOWS serial, “Bloodline.”

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