Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dark Shadows: Into the Light, Episode 3

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of DARK SHADOWS, Jim Romanovich recently launched an 8-part DARK SHADOWS retrospective titled "Into the Light" at The Collinsport Historical Society will be archiving these episodes as they become available; you'll be able to find the series in the tab above titled "Dark Shadows: Into the Light."

The latest episode is an extended conversation with Kathryn Leigh Scott titled “A Leading Lady Through the Centuries.” This episode’s topics include:
Kathryn and Mitchell Ryan
  • The turning point where Maggie Evans became the obsession of one Barnabas Collins.
  • Maggie and Joe and the real life bond with Joel Crothers.
  • On working with David Ford and Grayson Hall, who both tried to  intimidate her.
  • Best advice Joan Bennett gave her.
  • Why Mitchell Ryan was missed after he was fired and her reunion with him as Burke Devlin 50 years later!
  • Why she quit and what Dan Curtis told her.
  • Becoming a popular author, publisher and discussing her newest  book that deals with the illness that took the life of her husband in 2011.
You can stream the episode below, or click on the arrow button to download it as an MP3.

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