Monday, February 22, 2016



After just a one-off mention in the original DARK SHADOWS TV series, Jim Hardy went on to become a fan-favorite when the Big Finish Productions audios cast Jonathon Marx in the role throughout the 1973-set audios. Recently I met up with Jon to discuss Jim’s character arc and storylines. Writer Aaron Lamont joins us to discuss their work together on THE HAUNTED REFRAIN and BEYOND THE GRAVE. Aaron also fills me in on writing DELIVER US FROM EVIL and I even manage to get him to spill a few Bloodline teasers. And somewhere along the way we encounter illegal cheese, Liam Neeson and an octopus (or maybe more than one), and we plan an outsiders invasion of England. All in 45 minutes.

Spoilers abound for all the stories Jon and Aaron discuss, so go and listen to them first if you’ve not already heard them.

We can all be found - should you want us - on Twitter at @RobertDick, @aslamont1 and @JonathonMarx; as can the @darkshadowsbfp and @cousinbarnabas accounts.

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