Wednesday, January 6, 2016


DARK SHADOWS badboy Burke Devlin was killed in a Soap Opera Plane Crash ™ back in 1967. Actor Mitchell Ryan had already left the series by the time his character purchased that ill-fated plane ticket to Oblivion*, moving on to become one of the busiest stage and screen actors in America. If you’ve been to a theater (or own a TV set) you’ve almost certainly seen him at work in everything from the Dirty Harry sequel MAGNUM FORCE to the long-running sitcom DHARMA AND GREG. (Note: Both Ryan and his character made their first visit to DARK SHADOWS in almost 50 years as part of the Big Finish audio drama AND RED ALL OVER.)

Ryan recently spoke with Patrick McCray about his storied career. In our first episode of the new year, Ryan talks about trading lines with James Earl Jones onstage in OTHELLO, losing the role of Captain Jean Luc Picard to Patrick Stewart, and why Gary Busey is no crazier than anyone else in Hollywood.

Featured in this episode is “The Coventry Carol” by Valentine Wolfe, which appears on their album “The Ghosts of Christmas Past.” (This episode was intended to run a bit closer to Christmas. Ahem.) Patrick McCray also reads his essay on PSYCHO, which appears in the first volume of our MONSTER SERIAL books.

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