Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy anniversary to the CHS Podcast!

Confession: The first episode of our podcast was a happy accident.

I hadn't planned on launching a podcast series. At the time, I was just excited about the prospect of interviewing Kathryn Leigh Scott for a written piece. In the days leading up to the interview, though, I began to doubt my ability to listen, respond and keep accurate notes during the conversation. When you're concentrating on documenting somebody else's thoughts, it doesn't leave you with much energy to organize you're own. In order to keep things lively, I looked for ways to record the telephone interview.

From there, it just seemed easier to share the audio recording of the interview. I could have transcribed the conversation, but that didn't seem necessary given the technological opportunities offered by the Internet.

For variety, I invited some other fans to talk about HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS, which remains a controversial milestone in the franchise's long history. Will McKinley, Patrick McCray, Jessica Dwyer and joined me for about half an hour to discuss the movie. A few songs were added to the mix and BOOM! The podcast was born.

We passed the third anniversary of that episode yesterday. It's one of the most-downloaded episodes of the entire series and one of my favorite moments in this website's short history. The production has evolved quite a bit since this first installment (it seems weird that I included popular music with every episode) but you'll find everything I love about DARK SHADOWS and its fans right here in this first installment.

If you want to re-visit it (or check it out for your first time) you can download it as an MP3 by clicking HERE. You can also listen to it streaming in the window below.

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