Tuesday, October 6, 2015



Twice a year, Big Finish Productions hold Big Finish Day, celebrating their various ranges, launching new products, and giving listeners the chance to meet those working on both sides of the microphone. This time, for Big Finish Day 7, I escorted Stephanie Ellyne, "Amy Jennings" in the DARK SHADOWS audios, to her first ever event appearance — taking her place among her fellow actors from THE AVENGERS, BLAKE'S 7, DOCTOR WHO, SURVIVORS, THE PRISONER, TERRAHAWKS, and TORCHWOOD.

In this podcast Stephanie keeps me updated on how her day is going, and I also point my microphone at producers David Darlington and Joseph Lidster to find out more about this year's audios, and at actors Matthew Waterhouse (Andrew Cunningham) and Lachele Carl (Sheriff Rhonda Tate) to celebrate the success of DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST.

Writer Simon Guerrier joins Matthew to discuss their work on "The Creeping Fog," and fellow writer Rob Morris talks "The Curse of Shurafa" and Dr. Julia Hoffman. Executive producer, Mr. Big Finish himself, Jason Haigh-Ellery tells me a little about Big Finish the company ... and about what's coming next for Dark Shadows...

And all the while DARK SHADOWS listeners fill me in on how they discovered the audios and what they love about them.

Many thanks to everyone who spoke to me throughout the day — cast, crew and consumers. And as ever, special thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Bloodlust, Matthew Waterhouse and Stephanie Ellyne, for their continuous support and endless enthusiasm.

You can listen to the episode streaming above, or download it as an MP3 by clicking HERE.

 Lachele Carl, Matthew Waterhouse and Stephanie Ellyne.

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