Monday, September 21, 2015

Podcast: Behind the scenes of DELIVER US FROM EVIL

In August 2015 Big Finish released DARK SHADOWS: DELIVER US FROM EVIL. The story featured original series stars Christopher Pennock and Lisa Richards as Cyrus and Sabrina alongside a number of characters returning from earlier plays.

Robert Dick was in the studio for the UK recording and talks to writer Aaron Lamont and actors Brigid Lohrey (Danielle), Simon Kent (Alfie Chapman) and James Unsworth (John) about the story and their day in the studio.

Writer Aaron Lamont, James Unsworth as John, Brigid Lohrey as Danielle Rog├ęt and Simon Kent as Alfie Chapman
Please note, the interviews contain spoilers for DELIVER US FROM EVIL. Listening to the story first is recommended.

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