Wednesday, September 3, 2014


James Storm on the cover of FAMOUS MONSTERS.
I know surprisingly little about James Storm. Despite delivering one of my favorite performances on DARK SHADOWS, I haven't had the opportunity to see much of his work. Luckily, Marie Maginity, Patrick McCray and Brooke Perrin flagged him down at this year's DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL and chatted with him about his various projects, including the upcoming WANDERLUST photography trip. It's a terrific interview that touches on his tenure in daytime drama, the difference between DARK SHADOWS and other soaps operas, Patti Smith, Alan Jackson, violence as entertainment, and his love for the state of Montana.

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Katie Lynne Young said...

Well done. What a fascinating man. I could have listened to him talk all day long. He must have been a dream to interview. Get him going on a subject and boom, here comes all of this passion and information.

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