Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Marie and Sharon.
Sharon Smyth Lentz joined the cast of DARK SHADOWS in June 1967, playing the ghost of Sarah Collins, the little sister of vampire Barnabas Collins. In this podcast, she talks about her experiences on the series, her decision to leave acting, and fields a few questions from online fans. It's a fun episode, and hosted by CHS contributor Marie Maginity.

Sharon will be among the former cast members participating in the annual DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL this weekend, and will be appearing the weekend of July 18 in Greenville, S.C., at MonsterCon.

Listen to the episode streaming above, or download it as an MP3 by clicking HERE.

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Katie Lynne Young said...

Great podcast. Love how Sharon just speaks straight from the heart.

Cousin Barnabas said...

Yeah, she's always been among my favorite guests on podcast.

Eric Pregosin said...

This is fantastic. Great hearing you both :-)

Eric Pregosin said...

"Man of La Mancha". Shar, are we dreaming the impossible dream?

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