Monday, March 17, 2014


Humbert Allen Astredo joins the Collinsport Historical Society for a rare interview in this installment of our podcast. Astredo entered the world of DARK SHADOWS with a bang in 1968 as warlock Nicholas Blair. He'd later go on to play the satanic Evan Hanley and Charles Dawson on the show, and had a lengthy career on the stage and screen after the program's cancellation.

Astredo speaks with Patrick McCray in this episode about using comedy to survive the Korean War, the different perspectives between east coast and west coast acting schools, and how he landed his first role on DARK SHADOWS.

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mitch26 said...

This is great, thanks for posting it. Any idea when this was recorded? It seems fairly recent, his voice is completely different from his character's.

TimePeace said...

I'm in agreement there. If I didn't know who I was listening too I wouldn't have known. Our voices can subtley change over time but his DS character voice most likely was more enhanced .

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