Friday, January 31, 2014


Hey, remember when we used to have podcasts?

The Collinsport Historical Society's hardware wars are finally nearing their end. The restoration begins today, with the liberation of the first of several podcast episodes that have been stuck in electronic limbo during the past month.

Today brings us the latest installment of DAY DRINKING WITH SARA & ALEXIS, which was recorded not long after Christmas. This episode's topic is 1987's horror noir ANGEL HEART, in which Mickey Rourke plays a private investigator hired to find a reclusive entertainer rendered unrecognizable by plastic surgery. Irony!

Also: SPOILER ALERT on a 27-year-old movie.

This month's brews are B. Nektar Necromangocon, Goose Island 312, and Westbrook IPA.

Listen to the episode streaming above, or download it as an MP3 by clicking HERE. And subscribe to THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY podcasts on iTunes for free by clicking HERE!

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