Monday, December 2, 2013

PODCAST: 2013 Big Finish Annual

My background is print journalism, which isn’t always a good fit for audio interviews. My approach has always been to step back and let my sources tell their stories, a habit I developed after watching too many of my associates force interviews to fit their own narratives. It’s not so much a political problem (though it’s sometimes just that) as it is a perspective problem. It’s not unusual to begin an interview about one topic, but leave with something else much better … but you can’t do that if you believe you’re the star of the show.

So, my habit it so sit back, relax and let my sources talk. It’s worked OK for me.

I mention this because you’ll hear little from me in this episode. My guests are Joe Lidster and David Darlington, co-producers (among other things) of Big Finish’s DARK SHADOWS line of audio dramas. Joe and David are quite chatty, which would be bad news if I was under the delusion that this show was about me. Big Finish recently wrapped this year’s series of stories, which had overlapping plot threads that tied the episodes loosely together, and allowed for a bit more cameo appearances from the cast members throughout.

Our discussion in this episode begins with a look back at 2013's stories, but moves on to cover the possible adventures of a young Julia Hoffman, the reasons Rachel Drummond is the worst character produced by DARK SHADOWS, why the Tim Burton film didn’t work, and might even provide a few hints about where the audiodrama series will head next in 2014.

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- Wallace McBride


Joseph Lidster said...

"Quite" chatty? I never shut up!

Cousin Barnabas said...

There are worse problems to have on a podcast :)

valjazz . said...

Bring Barnabas and Julia back! They were such great characters. No one will ever truly be able fill the shoes of the late grates, Jonathan Frid and Grayson Hall, but Andrew Collins was brilliant as Barnabas in earlier audio dramas and I love Barbra Steele as Julia on the 1991 series. I think an exploration of a much younger Barnabas and Julia would be interesting.

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