Friday, September 6, 2013


LISA BLAKE RICHARDS recently spent some time speaking with PATRICK McCRAY about her career, a discussion which spans a lot of interesting topics. Naturally, DARK SHADOWS features prominently in the dialogue, as does her work with TOMMY LEE JONES, director HENRY JAGLOM and how her pregnancy with son ALEX EBERT almost got her kicked off an episode of FANTASY ISLAND.

You can listen to the interview streaming above, or download it as an MP3 by clicking HERE.

Also, subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes by clicking HERE!

(Note: The recording of this episode was a technical comedy of (t)errors, so expect to hear the occasional sound error. Patrick, who lives in Tennessee, was asking questions of Lisa, who lives in California. Meanwhile, I was recording the interview from my home in South Carolina. This is how we do things at the Collinsport Historical Society, and it usually works pretty well. But, this time, we briefly lost our connection to Patrick thanks to an overheated iPad. When he was able to reconnect, he finished the interview while leaning over the device as it cooled in his refrigerator. Meanwhile, here in the Palmetto State, we had one of our regularly scheduled thunderstorms. It was so violent that the sound of the storm momentarily intrudes on the interview, which is why you'll hear me chime in during the episode's final minutes. The thunder you hear was very real, and not a kooky sound effect.)

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