Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DARK SHADOWS podcasts, videos and random chatter

THE TELEVERSE podcast includes a segment with WILL McKINLEY about the ins-and-outs of DARK SHADOWS on DVD.

* I spent a few hours last night talking about DARK SHADOWS with MOE BANSHEE'S LAIR, which includes a few songs from my band MARY SHELLEY OVERDRIVE. You can listen to it above, or download the episode as an MP3 HERE.

* Blogger DAMNPAMN was haunted by nightmares of Barnabas Collins as a child. 

* The latest installment of THE DRAWING ROOM deals with fake Jeremiahs, the first DARK SHADOWS supervillain and advice on how to hide in a small town.

* And last, but not least, THE COLLINS FOUNDATION takes a trip into outer space to talk about BABYLON 5.

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